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Thursday, June 19, 2014

"MADDIE" and "SABERZ"- Irresistable Chihuahua pair


"I was blessed to be allowed to adopt two chi's Maddie and Saber from you. They are wonderful and spoiled rotten.
Sleep under my covers and always in my lap! They enjoy my 5 acres, being free fed and having a regular meal with lots of good thing in it.
Saber is so protective of me and can be a bit of a scoundrel to everyone but me! He thinks he is a huge dog! His sister is pretty clueless, loves to eat....

I so, so, appreciate all you do. thank you for my two family members!" 
 DM happy update on MCAS Facebook Jan1, 2016

Yes we are a pair, a pair of cute 7 year old Chihuahuas! Our mom cannot care for us anymore so here we are starting over. I'm Maddie, at 12 lbs I am the outgoing "calm" lady. I like to hang in someone's lap and enjoy a daily walk.
I need to bond with my new family but once I do I am a very loyal and loving girl.

here's Maddie (pretty cute, huh?)

 here's Saberz (a bit shy, very endearing boy)

 Since I want to go home with my brother Saberz we are saying no other pets in the household and no children. By myself I could probably handle a slow introduction with other animals but frankly children are not my thing.
Do you have it in your heart to take on this dynamic duo? Why don't you ask about us today.

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