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Friday, October 21, 2011

"VINNIE" graduate of shelter studies at MCAS


Remember "Vinnie?" 

He's the super handsome fella that took part in MCAS's "Pitties In Pink"tm parade this summer...Well, one of Portland's most amazing rescue groups, Born Again Pit Bull Rescue, took Vinnie under their wings way back then, and he is still available for adoption!

Watch his music video here:

View his online profile here:

Vinny is half Einstein, half Prince Charming... He has so much desire to learn that you'll swear he was born speaking English. He loves to figure things out and he's the resident genius... Anything you teach him, he learns within minutes. He can do anything. 

He's also an all-around-great guy. He uses his superior intellect for good, not evil. Looking for a dog to do some fun training with? Vin's your dog! Interested in Search & Rescue, Nose/Scent work, Agility, Flyball and more, then this is the guy for you! 

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