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Friday, October 21, 2011

"POLO" a sharp dressed man


He is doing great in his new foster home with another dog AND a very dog-saavy cat!  More updates to come!

POLO is amazing!  He does great with other dogs, is a calm, young 20 month old pup, a real sweetheart!

"POLO" is a magnificent 2 year old pup with terrific manners and a happy go lucky spirit!  Super sweet face, tuxedo outfit, with a white paint-dipped tail, this fella would make a fantastic companion in a loving home with other dogs and even possibly cats!

This guy is easy as pie!  Please consider him!

Just watch his music video here:

Polo is at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.  Check out his online profile here:


  1. Polo, i love you. Such a wonderful dog and been at the shelter too too long. If huckleberry gets adopted you can come stay with me! xo

  2. Polo has spent one successful week at my house! i'm proud to report that he is 100% housebroken, has found his way into my pitty "Maple's" heart, and is even being polite around my dog-saavy cat "Dagger."

    whoever adopts this sweet boy will be the luckiest family!


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