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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"RUBY" she's on a roll!


If Ruby had to dodge the law to get out of town, she could do it!   Just check out her before shot, and then scroll down to all her wicked halloween outfits in which she disguises herself! 



"Rubierto Ruby"

"Ruby Dee"

"Ruby Crustacean Cousteau"

 "Raggedy Ruby"

 "Ruby's blues"

 "PePe le Ruby Pew"

"Rastafari Ruby"

 "Ruby the good witch"

"Ruby Pooh Bear"

My personal favorite: "g'ma Ruby"

Why is such a kind and beautiful dog STILL in need of a loving home, why does she keep getting passed up? Is it because people these days want perfect? 

She’s not perfect, but she’s come a long way and keeps growing and learning, and as much as people have given up on her, we haven’t and she hasn’t either. 

This is Ruby, she’s been doing the shelter thing her whole life, as a puppy she was picked up as a stray, then adopted and returned by her family, she was adopted and again returned to the shelter, to no fault of her own.

Ruby needs a special home, one that has the experience to work with a dog who needs someone in her corner. 

She needs to live with someone who embraces the pitbull breed and is committed to improve their image by being a good advocate. She needs someone that will teach her using positive methods, and that understands the value of a true kind friend who wants nothing more than a spot on the sofa, a snuggle in the bed. 

Ruby’s ideal home is a family that is around a lot, she’s low energy, and really easy to be around when people are near. She would love to live with other calm dogs, and can live with dog savvy cats too! She needs a home that will treat her like the princess she is, I really think she would be a good match for someone who just wants to surround themselves with kindness and love, and someone who would like a perfectly soft and cuddly friend to snuggle with at night. Would you like to meet sweet Ruby? Call Nancy, her foster mom at 503-320-4047.

Ruby is part of MCAS's foster program.  If you would like to save a dog, and foster with expenses paid, just check out MCAS's foster program here.

Don't forget to check out Ruby's online profile here:


  1. I've met and spent a bit of time with this dog - she is really petite, quiet, low-key, and absolutely adorable. She is going to make someone a steller companion!

  2. Oh my word, what a great post! SO much cute!!

  3. I nearly spit coffee all over the screen when i saw the pic of "Rubierto Ruby" - omg so cute! That made my day! Thank you


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