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Saturday, July 15, 2017

"MCAS FOSTERS, Donations,Volunteers, Positive SUPPORT Helps the local Animals!

 The MCAS shelter is the only open intake animal shelter in Multnomah County, and it does more than most other shelters in this country to save as many of the unclaimed stray animals that come into the shelter as they can.
Unfortunately, some people dislike the way a shelter is operated, and  publicly/chronically/spitefully/hatefully seek to disparage it often using false accusations and a slanted portrayal of the actual facts, which is sad, because this hurts the shelter animalsas potential donators, volunteers, and good adopters might go elsewhere.

 Please do what you can to show your support for the Multnomah County Animal Shelter!
Your help directly working with the animals and showing positive support for the MCAS shelter is what makes a real difference for these Multnomah County  animals!
There are lots of things you can do to help the MCAS pets: Donate, Help the animals in the Kennels and the cattery, Be a MCAS Foster Home 

- Be a POSITIVE VOICE for the MCAS shelter.
- Advise your friends to get ID tags/microchips with current contact info for their pets! - and keep the contact info current.
- Contact the local animal shelters if you have lost or found an animal (and if you've lost one - check regularly even months after pet is lost the animal can show up in a shelter)
- Feeling proactive?  Check local media sites for posting of lost pets and then check the Lost/Found sites of local shelters. It feels great to find a match for an owner who didn't think to look in the local shelters for their lost pet!
Interested in learning about volunteering and fostering at the shelter? Attend one of our volunteer orientations! The next volunteer orientation will be June 28th  There's no need to register - simply show up at the appointed time. You'll learn about all the different jobs available and what is required. In the meantime, you can visit our Volunteer web page for more info.

These are the positions we're trying to fill:
Dog Kennel
Morning Potty Walkers
Shelter/Info Desk Greeters


Here's the MCAS shelter Volunteer page to find out more

If you want to work with the animals, but you don't want to volunteer in the actual shelter then please consider becoming a MCAS Volunteer Foster Home!

photo credit - Stephanie M - Mcas foster home

Foster Homes are so appreciated, and it is rewarding knowing that you are making a real difference in the life of a homeless pet.
Please Check this link for more information if interested in becoming an Mcas Foster home!

Pretty little Adelaide (recently adopted) came into the shelter extremely underweight. She went into a foster home to get healthy.

The MCAS shelter is the only open intake animal shelter in Multnomah County, and it does more than most other shelters in this country to save as many of the unclaimed stray animals that come into the shelter as they can. A big part of the primary mission of Multnomah County Animal Shelter is to reunite lost animals with their people. Here is the link to Multnomah County Animal Services Lost & Found website, which is updated a number of times daily with animal photos and descriptions at intake at MCAS. Please help get the word out in your neighborhood and community to use this site to report a lost or found animal or search for missing animals.  
When a lost animal isn't reunited with it's owner, then the focus is on animal adoption/rescue. No, not are all animals saved. Some are humanely euthanized, due to their more dire medical issues (although these animals often go into a Volunteer Hospice Foster, which is a fabulous program) Some of the animals that come into the shelter are ultimately humanely euthanized due to various aggression issues that make them poor candidates to be placed into a new home, or safely back into the public. You can be proud that the Portland  area has a very high "save rate" - one of the highest in the nation,  thanks to caring staff and volunteers, the local community, and the ASAP coalition.

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