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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"DAPPER DAN" (happy UPDATE) sweetie mature Lab mix

Happy adoption update:
Long-time shelter resident, Dapper Dan, was adopted a couple weeks ago.  His new home emailed us: Little over a week ago Susan and I adopted Daper Dan, here after named BUDDY.  He is a wonderful addition to our family.  We have taken him to our Vet and he has received a very good bill of health..  His tail has healed nicely.  We have had him groomed professionally.  He is so sweet.  He made friends with our 3 cats right away.  Loves to ride in the car as we take him everywhere we can.  He behaves nicely both on and off the leash.  Constantly wants to be pet and uses his front paws to make sure he is not ignored.  He is eating well and drinking well and is at 86lbss which our vet says is an ideal weight for him.  We have another follow up appointment with him and out vet to check on his tail again on Wednesday but I don’t anticipate any problems.  It took him a night to calm down now sleeps on the floor next to our bed all thru the night with one of our cats snuggled up against him.  He is a giant baby love bug!  He seems very content and happy.  Please pass this on to the Volunteers and staff who took such good care of him.  Thank you, Mike and Susan

June 27, 2016

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink
animal id # 578070

Hi there! My name is Dapper Dan. I am an older fella, but don't let that fool you-I am just as alive and ready for my next great adventure as my younger days. I love to go on long walks and meet new people. As with any lab, I always consider myself the center of attention and the life of the party. I also know when it is time to relax and catch the game on tv with my best friends. I have been social with all people and have shown social behaviors with dogs too, but I will still need a meet and greet here at the shelter if there are other dogs in the home. You may have noticed that I now have bobbed tail, well the vet staff removed an unsightly mass and some of my tail. I feel much better now. I

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