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Saturday, July 16, 2016

"MEIKA" - aren't you curious?

by her fabulous foster mom

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
this cute and quirky girl is still available in a MCAS Foster home!

here's my MCAS weblink 
animal # 514101

Are you an active person or couple who loves hiking, running, or biking, and spending time with your dog? Then Meika is the perfect dog for you! Meika is a 5 year old, 45lb white and brown spayed female mixed breed dog who is currently in foster care. Meika is a very loyal and quirky girl who, though set in her ways, is quite charming. Her voice can be a bit growly sounding, but it's just her way of talking. She would like to go on daily runs and then watching crime dramas or Animal Planet at night. She needs an experienced owner with older - or no - kids, one who is confident, but gentle and patient, as she can get very nervous in new situations and with new people. She does well with other, respectful dogs after slow, proper introductions. She likes to chase cats, but with supervision and savvy cats, she does okay. She is leash reactive to other dogs on walks, especially if she hasn't had her daily exercise yet. Meika is currently taking some classes to help her feel more confident around strangers. If you are interested in her, contact Alix, the Foster Coordinator, at or 503-988-6247 to find out more about her.


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