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Monday, August 17, 2015

"INDIGO RESCUE" UPDATE 9/3 - puppies all have holds

UPDATE Sept 3, 2015  thanks for adopting!!!  Looks like all the puppies now have holds/pendings.

2 of the 3 MOMS, Ryan (short and sweet) and Loki ( bigger and even sweeter) are still available for adoption!
If you are interested in being considered a home for adoption for one of the moms, or any of the other available Indigo Rescue dogs for adoption please fill out the application on the dog's  petfinder link. "We have a few of our dogs available for meets at the Tanasbourne Petco on Thursdays from 4-7pm and at PetSmart on 185th every other Sunday from noon until 3pm"  Indigo doesn't not do first come/first serve adoptions and want to find the best match for each dog.

I'm Ryan! (mom 1)
I'm Loki! (mom 2)

Indigo Rescue  (update 9/3- all these pups have holds/pending, but there are other young small and large dogs available!) lots of medium and large breed puppies for adoption right now, and is looking for homes who have time to devote to a large breed active dog. It's very unusual for Indigo Rescue to have so many puppies. They focus on helping local shelter dogs (regardless of size, age or breed) who don't do well in the shelters and would do better in a foster home style rescue group.

Two of three "moms" of these litters came into the local county shelter pregnant...and the other pregnant mom was sadly being rehomed for free on craigslist because she was glad that Loki ended up in a good Rescue group where she and her pups would all get great care and find good homes!
Blue (hold/pending)

Krepps (hold/pending)
Bono (hold/pending)

Beyonce (hold/pending)

Lucky Charm (hold/pending)
Apple Jack (hold/pending)
Special K (hold/pending)

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