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Friday, August 14, 2015

"BUDDHA" awesome all American Shelter Dog mix! on the Westside

Aug 29, 2015
 Buddha guy is available for Adoption at the Bonnie L Hays - Washington County Animal Shelter!
 Open Mon through Sat
(Closed on Sunday and Holidays)

Washington Co Animal Shelter (Bonnie L Hays)
1901 SE 24th Ave MS 53
Hillsboro, OR 97123

ps - please note - the shelter does not take holds but you can call in advance (except on Sunday- closed) to see if the animal is still available at time of call...
If this dog is appropriate for a home with children, you must bring children aged 12 and under to the shelter with you for the adoption process. Not all dogs and children are a perfect match, so we want to make sure that the dog you select is a family-friendly dog.
If you have one or more existing dogs in your home, we require a meet and greet between your dogs and the adoptive dog at our shelter. Please plan to bring your dog(s) with you before the adoption can be finalized so we can be sure that the dogs and the humans all agree this dog will be the perfect match for your family!
Adoptions are on a first-come first-served basis among approved applicants. We cannot hold pets, so when you are ready to select a pet, please come prepared.

here is Buddha's WCAS petfinder weblink
and his 2nd WCAS petfinder link
thanks Jen for my cute pics!
I'm quite a mix of breeds, basically an all American mutt. I have a very Lab type chubby build and personality.  I'm brindle, so some people think pitmix, but really, there are lots of different breeds in my mix I bet!  It would be fun to do a DNA test once you adopt me! 
I guarantee that I'll make a fabulous companion and won't require tons of exercise, mostly a stable and sensible loving home.  I seem to really enjoy calm people but I like just about everyone.
Right now I just need a chance to relax and feel like life is ok.  I have good house skills and am spending overnights in a home with a staff member. I was interested initially in meeting the small dog in the home, and now I just want to lay down to relax near her.  I also went on the TV!  I'll try to hook up the video so you can see that too.
 I find being in a shelter kennel to be very difficult, so I've been my kennel....
but when I get outside in the yard with the volunteers, and when I'm at my temporary foster home in the evenings, I'm a completely different dog! A very chilled out guy,  easy to take places and definitely a sweetie.
I'm about 6 yrs old, 67 lbs, and looking for a home with children 6 and up.
here's me and Jen on KOIN TV!
here's me in the shelter play yard. You can see how gentle I am.
here's me at my temporary foster home - I've been staying with Jen after I'm in the shelter during the day - so you can meet me!   The shelter doesn't really have a foster program where guys like me are always at the home,  but hey, this helps me a lot!! 

I'm really easy to take places, how great is that! If you ever wanted to attend doggie events you'd know that it was a really desirable quality! 
- truth - I'm a mix of breeds - unknown - and not a purebred, I'm a larger dog, I'm middle age, and I bark in the kennel so people don't flock to meet me......but ya know, I bet was you meet me, you'll think that I'm better than most of your home dogs purebred, or mix...come see me soon, I'm awesome!!!

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