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Saturday, August 9, 2014

"KALA" loving, submissive Lab

 ADOPTED! ( hope it was to an inside home!)

 Kala is a sweet old fashioned easy going Black Lab who wants to be loved and is looking for a good INSIDE home for the rest of her life!
ps- the camera was very scary to Kala today, but we tried (Kala tried hard to...) to get some pics to show you how lovely she is.

here's my MCAS weblink

Hey I'm Kala, who are you? Are you looking for a sweet adult dog with plenty of get up and go? Don't count me out because of my grey. I'm 8-1/2 years old and still up for a long walk.



Don't tell anyone but I'm a little overweight at 89 pounds so some regular exercise will help me regain my girlish figure. I'm ready to go home right now and get settled in. Check me out.

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