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Thursday, August 7, 2014

"BLUEBERRY" and "Pancake - Peke" reunited with owner today!!

Please tell people to check at their local county animal shelters if they have lost a dog.  And make sure to get your pets microchipped and tagged for easy id (and keep the contact info current)

Today at MCAS Pancake the Peke and Blueberry the Pitbull  were 2 Very HAPPY dogs when their owner found them at the shelter. (They had been on the adoption floor for a day, and could have been adopted to someone else.....) The lost dogs (no tags, no microchips) had been in the shelter for almost a week. Although the owner was diligently searching for them, he wasn't checking at one of the most important places to look for a lost pet - the animal shelter!

here are some pics of Blueberry taken about an hour before her owner appeared at the shelter looking for her. Blueberry was frantically looking towards the parking lot - for her owner to come get her..... and her wish came true!!

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