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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"ZADA" lovable, friendly, a little bit shy, pretty Pitmix puppy


Hello everybody my name is Zada. My mom is unable to take care of me right now so I find myself in the shelter starting over. I am only 7 months old so I feel like I am still very flexible and can handle the changes. By the way part of the changes will include you and I going to reward based classes together, won't we have fun? I have a great default sit but I admit I am a leash puller and could use some confidence building. 

My mom did want you to know a little about me so here you go… I lived with cats and dogs. I was in the process of learning my manners with the afore mentioned species. The cats were quick to put me in my place and I feel like I was catching on. My dog sister was older so you see I had trouble at times remembering polite dog behavior. Thankfully she was a patient lady!

 I love balls, rope toys and any stuffed toy you can find. Even though I weigh 35 lbs I think I am a lap dog and love to cuddle in bed with my family.  

Do I sound like a good match for your family? Please ask about me today!  Here's my MCAS weblink

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