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Friday, January 31, 2014

"BESSIE" MELLOW gal, now in Foster!


The shelter named me Bessie, a sweet name for a sweet older gal. I am not sure how I ended up here but I do know that my goal is to find my forever home without any other dogs as soon as possible. We Staffordshire like our creature comforts. Cloths, soft couches and even snuggling under the comforter on "our" bed. If you are up for the pampering I require I will reward you with a loyal lady, ready to be by your side forever more! I am a tan and white female Staffordshire Bull Terrier, around 4 years old and weigh about 78 lbs. I am currently in foster care, if you would like to meet me please contact the foster coordinator Donna at 503-545-3021 or


1 comment:

  1. yayyyy for the foster who took her in. she's been in the shelter waiting for such a long time.


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