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Thursday, March 21, 2013

"PETUNIA" big lovable brindle Shepherd? mix!

Ok, we really don't know what I am, and that's why MCAS is calling me an "American Shelter Dog" mix!  I am a BIG TALL gal, 2 yrs old, 75 pounds. I have a pretty face with a dark mask, a beautiful body with a thick furry tail and a healthy Brindle colored coat.


 I'm smart, lovely and basically an easy going dog. I'm a very devoted dog too!


Like all dogs, I'll need attention, exercise, socializing and mental stimulation to be happy!  I'm sooooo cool!!!  Come visit?  Here's my MCAS weblink:


  1. I hope that girl got adopted and found a great home. I have almost exactly the same dog, just more white. 70lbs. Pit Bull/Australian Shepherd mix. So, so full of love! So devoted, so loyal! Total diva. Everybody loves her she meets. Picked her up this Feb. 2016 from Ventura County Animal Shelter as a was love at first sight! I'm sure this girl made someone very happy!

    1. I have a very similar looking dug as the one pictured here (petunia). Only also more white. (White chest, paws and strip between eyes on down. Minh is a Dutch shepherd Lab mix

  2. looks like a black face cur mix


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