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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"WYATT" a fine and respectable gentleman


"WYATT" is a wonderful, compact 4 year old male pit bull type dog with a name that derives from old England.  And since the volunteer writing this bio can't stop watching 'Downton Abby,' the comparisons are going to be endless.

Wyatt doesn't fuss with the stuffy wait staff and prefers to get on with the traditional horse ride early in the morning for some exercise.  Afternoon tea conversation bores him, he would rather follow his important person around on daily activities that didn't involve other dogs.  You see, he is English after all, and prefers to be the only dog prince in town.

He is handsome isn't he?  Yet any true lady dog may find him a bit forward!  He is calm yet can become flustered with the ladies are around.  He may need some guidance through reward based training classes.  But he's well worth the effort!

Meet "Wyatt" at Multnomah County Animal Shelter!  Here's his online bio: 

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