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Sunday, February 7, 2016

"CRESCENT" loves toys! (a Happy Update! 4 years later)

Feb 20, 2016 Happy Adoption Tales: 

Crescent (541681) was adopted in October, 2012. Here is an update to MCAS via Facebook:
"I adopted a Pit named Crescent from you guys about 4 years ago now and I'm so grateful for him everyday, what you do is amazing and I'm grateful for you rescuing him so we could have him as part of our family."
Crescent has a big broad head, a fawn brindle colored body and a gentle spirit. He is a little timid of some new things, but responds really well to "happy voice" and treats. Crescent loves Squeaky toys! Crescent will need chew toys, daily exercise, lots of love, and of course socializing like all dogs do.


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