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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Facts about fostering

We've all heard it before: fostering saves lives.  

It's so easy to look away, let those words go in one ear and out the other, or to have a knee jerk comeback, "I could never foster, I become too attached."

Indeed, to open your home to a strange dog, there are many unknowns.  One thing you can be assured of, is the dog you are helping WILL find it's forever home, and you WILL have helped save it's life.

Here is a great website on how to become a mastered foster caretaker.

Here are some local options for helping a dog in need:

MULTNOMAH COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER  MCAS offers guidance when the foster caregiver picks up the foster animal, and a coordinator will continue to guide the foster caregiver through the process and will provide educational resources for foster caregivers to use in caring for the foster animal.  With a veterinarian on staff and certified vet technicians, MCAS provides health exams, vaccinations, flea treatment, spay/neuter surgery and diagnostic services for animals in foster care. Medications prescribed by Animal Health will be provided at no cost.  Food, water, shelter, milk replacer, exercise, socialization, training, and any medications not dispensed by the shelter are the financial responsibility of the foster caregiver, as MCAS does not have the funding to provide these supplies outside the shelter.  MORE INFO HERE

FAMILY DOGS NEW LIFE SHELTER  All pre-arranged veterinary costs are paid by FDNLS. They can also provide food, crates, training tools, etc.  if needed…. But of course, any financial donations that the foster home can make towards fostering are greatly appreciated (and tax deductable!)

BAPBR  BAPBR is exclusively a foster-based rescue of many different breeds of dogs.  All food, crates, toys, training tools, pre-approved vet expenses, vaccinations, flea meds and other medications, will be provided by BAPBR.  BAPBR's dog trainer will help with any behavior issues.  We provide maximum guidance and all pre-approved supplies.  BAPBR does not have a shelter or boarding facility, so every dog they take in is placed in a foster home, making foster families crucial to the BAPBR mission.  MORE INFO HERE  

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