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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"MILO" puppy dog eyes


Okay all you Foxhound fans!  This fella is pretty special!  His name is "Milo," and he's true to his foxhound origins!  He loves to stay active, but will need to start slow to loose just a wee bit of extra poundage.

But he looks pretty close to perfect, no?  If you need some inspiration to get outdoors and enjoy it, Milo will make a great companion!

Milo is looking for a forever, loving home, without young children, that will make sure he keeps the weight off, and keep him active.

View Milo's online profile here:


  1. Milo is such a sweetheart! Always so happy to see people! He warms my heart every time I see him! :)

  2. I adopted Milo from OHS on May 17. He is such a happy guy. Doesn't seem to like other dogs much, especially larger dogs, but we are working with a behaviorist to help him with this. Met our grandchildren last week and was fine, but we did restrict contact, since he seems to have some trust issues. He's getting more comfortable in his new surroundings every day and we are happy to have him. We would love any info on him, especially behavior, to help him adjust more easily.


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