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Friday, September 30, 2011

"GAIA" a wonderful Shepherd!


"I've come to realize that I am drawn to crazy looking mixed breed dogs, and if you came to my home that's what you'd usually find.  However, if I were to choose a favorite purebred dog it would be the German Shepherd Dog such as Gaia, today's shelter pet poster dog.  She has a lot working against her, big, black, shaggy, fat, and about nine years old.  But she has things working for her as well - the history and dignity of her breed, the staff and volunteers at the shelter, and YOU - the folks that help to connect the homeless pets and the wonderful people in our community that will take older dogs into their homes and hearts."  - Rosemary, MCAS volunteer/networker

Well, yes, okay, so Gaia is watching 'The Biggest Loser" every week for inspiration, and getting lots of encouragement from shelter volunteers, as she needs to lose quite a few pounds.  At 9 years old and 107lbs, this girl is hoping for a single dog home, that will be patient with her progress and take her for slow strolls and feed her healthy food.

In return, she will provid you with warm feet while watching tv, and unconditional love and loyalty.  Who could ask for anything more?  This is one of the nicest German Shepherds we've met.

Please help this girl find her way to her forever cozy home!

Gaia is at Multnomah County Shelter.  View her online profile here:

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  1. Hooray! I love these 'new happy family' photos!


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