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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Kizzy" gorgeous and available!



Shelter volunteer favorite "Kizzy" is a sweet, gentle gem of a dog, who needs a little understanding. She's got a big heart, but she is not as outgoing as some of the other dogs in the shelter. She may not be social with every stranger that wants to meet her, or visitors to the house. She is absolutely 100% house-trained, and volunteers and staff work round-the-clock to give her potty walks throughout the day. When she's ready to go, she let's us know!

Kizzy is looking for her forever home with a loving family, who will keep her warm, as an indoor companion, and fatten her up because she is a slight 33 lbs! Whoever adopts this lovely lady will reap the rewards of her loyalty and devotion!

Check out our Kizzy Cam here!

Watch her music video here:

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