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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

"ANGUS" Happy Adoption Update - mellow shepherd mix

     Nov 2017  Happy Adoption Update: Angus

"Angus came home on September 11 after a successful meeting with my other dog, Fox. He is more energetic than any 9 year old I have ever known! He love, love, loves to play, and will roll onto his back to give Fox (who is 1/3 his size) an advantage. He also loves to play with Jojo, his kitty sister, who was adopted from MCAS earlier this year (went in to look at dogs, came home with a cat). She will "supervise" his meals by sitting next to him while he eats, and they will chase each other around the apartment.
When Angus came to the shelter, he had some serious skin problems and was mostly bald from the waist down. MCAS sent us home with a sack full of meds and care instructions and he is now fully recovered! His hair has come back in and he looks healthy and handsome. I have such a soft spot for the senior pups, and I am just thrilled to have him as part of my family."

-Aimee A.

Sept 2017

Favorite dog :) Don't let the hairloss get you down!  Angus is an easy going guy and it will be rewarding to see him blossom in your care with some medicated baths (which he is good about getting) and regular flea treatment.  Sweetheart! and seems easy around the other dogs
Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

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animal #120759

Hello - I'm Angus! I'm a German Shepherd mix fella searching for a new home to take me in. You may have noticed that I have some skin issues and will need to be on consistent flea control for the rest of my life to keep me healthy. But I don't let a little hairloss keep me down - I am a playful and loving guy who enjoy pets and a good play session with a ball! Come and meet me today and let's get a start on our new life! 9 yrs, 51 lbs

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