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Friday, June 3, 2016

"CLAIRE" "OLLIE" "PIPPER Ann" "TUCKER" friendly terrier mix PUPPIES!

June 19, 2016

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

MCAS weblink:
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Hi, my name is (Clair, Ollie, Piper Ann, Tucker)  I am a puppy which means I am adorable, full of energy, love to play, chew on things, and I am not potty trained. I was born at my foster families home on March 30, 2016. Our foster family has done a great job at beginning our training process but we are now looking for a new patient and kind family to continue our training. I love other dogs, cats, & kids as long as they are gentle, respectful, and patient. I hope my new family will be home a good portion of the day since I often need to go outside to potty (my bladder is not very big or strong yet and I can not physically hold it for more than an hour). I prefer to be next to my people rather then being alone. I do sleep with my siblings in a kennel but we like to wake up at 4:30am and go out to potty and have play time (4:30 isn't early for us). So, if you don't mind getting up early, teaching me to go potty outside, would like to take puppy classes with me, and would like to meet me, I will be available at Multnomah County Animal Services on Sunday June 19th at 11AM. My adoption fee is $250. If you have other dogs & children at home, please bring them so they can meet me too :)


here's my Mcas weblink  
animal id # 576623

here's my Mcas weblink  
animal id # 576621


Piper Ann:
here's my MCAS weblink
animal id# 576624

here's my MCAS weblink
animal # 576622



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