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Monday, April 18, 2016

"BILLY" and her pup "HENRIETTA"- mom and pup - terrier mixes

 Billy and her puppy Henrietta are looking for a good home TOGETHER!

Available for adoption with Indigo Rescue (may 6, adoption pending!)

Meet Billie (and Henrietta)

Billie is a sweet, sweet girl. She is estimated to be about five years old. Billie's owner died and she was passed along to someone who ended up in jail, and then passed along to someone else who lost their home, and poor Billie ended up living in that persons car. We aren't sure at what point she got knocked up, but we got her four puppies with her. We have spayed Billie, taken care of her fleas, and had a dental done on her. She is a very happy girl. We are going to place Billie with her puppy, Henrietta. They are actually a very sweet pair who love to play and snuggle together, which is unusual for a mama, who is usually DONE with their puppies once they are a bit older. These two might be fine with older kids, but they are probably too much of a flight risk for small kids who can't be aware of open doors and gates like an adult can. Also, Henrietta is super tiny and an easy size to get caught in a door or stepped on. This is definitely something to consider.

please see the Indigo Rescue Link - for more information - and also for more info on how to apply if interested

 Billie the mom
 little Henrietta

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