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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"SATCHMO" new Update!

update! July 18th!
Satchemo is now in a permanent Foster Home!  Since he is an old guy with some health issues, we'll calling it a Hospice Foster Home, but that doesn't mean he can't feel spunky sometimes! 
a special Thank you to MCAS volunteer Shelter Hospice Homes!!
If you are interested in being an angel to a dog who needs a Hospice Foster Home, please contact the MCAS shelter!

Here's my MCAS weblink

Satchemo is a sweet old man who needs a home for the rest of his days. He came to the shelter via Dove Lewis, as someone found him wandering . The shelter made attempts to find his owner, but no one has arrived! If you can give him a big soft bed to rest his weary body and all the love in the world, please come down to meet him today! Satchmo is about 13 years old and weighs 136lbs.

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