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Friday, July 26, 2013

"SEYMORE" I do so well in a HOME!


Hello my shelter name is Seymour, as in sensitive Seymour. I may look like a burly boy but inside this sturdy body is a fragile young man. I was lucky enough to stay with some nice people for a week before coming to the shelter. They treated me very well and gave the shelter all sorts of great information about me. I have great house skills, walk nicely on a leash and ride well in a car. They even trained me to a crate!. My favorite toy is one of those silly squeaky hamburger toys. See what a gentle boy I am.


I even lived for that short time with their dogs and cats. Well I didn't cuddle with the cat but I did coexist. I was however great with their dog, playing, sleeping and overall very gentle with them. My shelter friends are asking that we go to classes or work one on one with a trainer so I can gain more confidence.
Do I sound like a good fit for you? Please ask about me today. I am a black and white male American Pitbull mix, around years old and weigh about 70 lbs. I had my neuter surgery on 7/29/13 Come visit! Here's my MCAS weblink

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