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Thursday, November 29, 2012

"MEE MAW" - my Holiday wish? a Cushy Retirement!


I didn't have a good owner...... seriously....I had a NOT good owner,

 Right after I was dumped off on the freeway, a nice older women rescued me and got me into her car - not easy for her!! and brought me to the MCAS shelter to take care of me. She was so incredibly cool and saved me....!!! and I love her courage, passion and sweet nature.

well...that was a lot to share about me.

 I hope you'll  come see me and adopt me into that cushy, warm retirement home I dream of. I'm a big old girl, a sweetie.

I'm a big ol Lab girl with a silly short Rottie tail and pretty brown faded markings.

Here I am on the MCAS website:

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