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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ciara was Adopted!

Ciara is still here at the shelter after quite some time and she's become a little introverted. She doesn't know how much longer she'll be here but she might think it's forever.  It's surprising she's still here because she has so many wonderful traits and the shelter staff and volunteers really like her.  We just want to see her go to a loving and dedicated forever-home.  She's a bit of a tenderfoot.  She doesn't jump up on you and beg for attention - she isn't the type of dog to complain and bother you with barking or chew on your favorite pair of shoes.  She just wants to be next to you, go for a walk, and offer you a gentle little smile when you take her picture.  Come by the shelter and meet Ciara.  She is unique and likeable in her own Ciara way and I know a perceptive and intelligent soul will notice her and find their match made in heaven.


  1. LOVE her sweet face. Great pictures.. so many pups look like they are smiling!

  2. She is such a sweetie. Very nervous in the kennel, but when she's out, the ears perk up, tail comes out from between the legs and a big old smile on her face!

  3. It's actually Kiara :)

  4. You are right that the shelter website writes here name as "Kiara" which would make that the official spelling of her name. The name Ciara comes from the Irish Saint Cera, also spelled "Ciara", who was a 7th C. Irish abbess. She established a monastery in Kilkeary, Ireland.


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